Due to the site becoming more popular on the web and receiving traffic from people in the virtual world I have had to change the details on or contact page to ensure our personal email addresses and phone numbers do not get swamped by junk.  

If you know us in the real world and have our personal details you can contact us in the normal way.  We will be receiving emails, iMessages, WhatsApps and phone calls to our usual contact details. 

If you have found our site through the Google or the various sites we are linked from please read the text below before using any of the contact details listed on this page! 

The contact details below come directly to us, Alex and Carol, phone calls will come directly to our cruising mobile and emails will go directly into our inboxes.  As you can imagine this opens us up to all sorts of spam and junk calls/emails!  If you are some kind of spam marketeer or professional spammer please stop reading now and get off our site.  (I wish I coud write something here that would tell the bots and spam crawlers where to stick it too!) However, if you are on this page for genuine purpose please do not hesitate to use the details below to get in contact, we welcome all interaction from fellow sailors.  We do ask that if you would like to call us please email, text or iMessage us first so that we can expect your call!  


Please respect that any emails sent to these addresses come directly to us, don't spam us or you will be blocked.  If we take a while to get back to you due to volume we apologise!

Local Numbers:
Spain: +34 603 430 460
Italy: Coming soon!

Please see the map to find out which country we are in.  If we don't answer please do not leave a voicemail as we do not check it on a regular basis.  Instead send us an email, text or iMessage.

iMessage :

You can iMessage from any apple mobile device. This is similar to texting and providing we have 3G or WiFi we will iMessage you back.  You can tell you are using iMessage when the text message on and iPhone is blue as opposed to green.  All iPhones can do this, for a guide on setting it up click here.

Please see local numbers above.

You can WhatsApp us to our local numbers listed above, please bear in mind that when we swap sim cards upon changing countries our WhatsApp number will change.  The map will show you which country we are in and therefore which number to use.  WhtasApp is available to anyone with a smart phone via the app store.  It is free to get and free to use!  We will be able to receive and send when we have 3G signal. Download it here.

Please email us on the above addresses to get our FaceTime details.

This will work as long as our 3G router has signal, is free both ways and has video.  This only works from the iPhone 4, iPad 2 (or newer) and any Mac computer running OSX Lion.

Some people reading this may wonder why we have been so liberal with our direct contact details, if you are one of these people you are not a cruiser.  As cruisers it is in our nature to share the information we gather about the places we visit, this could be information on the lay out of marinas, bays with good shelter and holding or where the best bar is and using the traditional style form that gets filtered through various things is too cumbersome and seems very impersonal.  We have had many situations where other cruisers have been able to warn us of perils ahead by finding this page and getting in contact, like wise we hope we have shared information that has helped others via our Cruising Guide and Blog.  I am in the fortunate situation where I know how the web and Google search works, which is why we come up on the first page if you do a Google search on our boat name and I am happy to help others make their site or blog more visible to cruising community.  Also, we are always looking for people to share the information they have gathered on their travels via this site.  All you have to do is get in contact!