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Date Visited
February 2012


Cabrera Bay 25th February 2012

Approach and Entrance
The entrance is relatively narrow and hidden until you are quite close. Entering in all winds is possible, but gale force from the north could make it tricky.  Once inside good shelter is provided from most weather angles, but swell from the north can make for a slightly uncomfortable night if you are on the west side.

Mooring Buoy
Puerto De Cabrera is a natural harbour where anchoring in strictly forbidden. If you want to stay there over night you have to book a mooring buoy via there website (instructions below); during the summer the maximum stay is 2 nights, but in the winter months you can book for up to 7 nights. 

Cabrera is a small group of island south of Mallorca, about 30Nm from Palma.  They are classed as a Spanish national park and therefore lots of things are forbidden!  Fishing is completely off limits in the whole of the restricted area and you are not allowed to anchor anywhere except for two specific bays where you are allowed to drop your hook, but only between certain hours and not over night. 

There are some small beaches and little caves that are fun to explore by tender.

There is a small bar by the main dock, but other than that there is nowhere to get supplies! There are also no water taxi so a dinghy is a necessity to get to shore.

Historical and Cultural Information
On the main island there are lots of nice walks and some interesting historical sites to check out.  The main attraction is an old castle that dates back to the 14th century.  For more detailed historical information click here.

Other Information
Booking a mooring is not the simplest thing, but hopefully the details below will help to make it a bit easier!  The site is in Spanish & Mallorqui (pronounced Mi-Or-Keen), there is no built in english translation in to the site, however google translate does a good job of making it readable to us lessor educate people.  However be careful with google translate, sometime when it translates a page it affects the links with in the page and make them inactive, this can prevent you from clicking through to the next page in the booking procedure!

Once the page above has loaded you need to click on the word "Autoritzacions" underneath the blue box with the same word in it, clicking on the box will not work!  I have linked the word above to the same page, but the link may not hold so please let me know in the comments section if it stops working!

Once on the Authorrisation page you need to click the link on the left menu bar that says "Com sol-licitar una autoritzacio".  Again the text is linked, but may not hold so let me know if it doesn't!

From there you click on the words "Fondejar a Cabrera", the words them selfs are the link in to the booking system which is not very clear, even if you speak Spanish apparently!  The link below it saying "Bussejar a Cabrera" is to obtain a diving permit should you which to!  

Once in the system follow the click throughs to reserve your buoy!  

Things to note during the process:

> Make sure you note down the code it gives you and save the file it downloads to you computer.

> When booking a buoy for multiple nights you have to select the buoy for each night via the tabs on the map, the buoy you book for the first night may not be available for the second night etc.

> Try to avoid buoy A10 and its neighbours on that side of the bay as you normally get a pretty contant swell coming in a rocking you about!  The buoys on the other side, closer to the bar, are more sheltered for boats over 12m and for boats under 12m try to get as far in to the small cove just behind A10 on the SSW side.

> When filling the details about you and your craft it asks for the number on the certificate of registration, if you are UK registered vessel the format will not be the same so just enter the first six digits of your registration number with a - (dash/minus) after the first 2 and second 2 digits, e.g. 12-34-56.  

> It also asks you for qualifications, in Spain the minimum qualification you need to skipper a boat is an ICC so you can put that in the box, however i tested it by just putting "Skipper" in the box and it worked fine.  I am not sure what would happen if the Guardia came and did a spot check on your boat.  We stayed for 7 nights and a Guardia  boat came in to the bay and docked every day for a few hours so beware!  

> The booking is not confirmed until you receive an email with the form attached! 

As always please leave comments below letting me know if the information was useful and if it needs updating!