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Cala Galdana

Cala Galdana

Date Visited
March 2012

Cala Galdana - Menorca
Good holding in about 3-4m over sand.  The beach to the east is lagre, but i suspect very busy in summer.  There are buoys marking the swimming are where anchoring is forbidden. On the west side there is a small channel that goes under a foot bridge and in to a boat park where you can leave your dinghy whilst exploring the are, the hotel overlooking the boat park has a tender space on the port side as you enter.  

If swell enters from a south easterly direction it bounces back of the rocks on the west side of the bay and can make it uncomfortable.  

El Mirador
Cala Galdana
It was a lovely looking restaurant and you could moor a tender outside, but it was closed when we were there in March.