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Ocibar Marina, Mahon


Date Visited
March/April 2012


Approach and Entrance
Approach and entrance is easy under all conditions and very good shelter is provided once inside.  Be sure to check for ferries entering and leaving, a pilot boat always precedes them.  

El Toro S/N 07180 Calvia Mallorca (Head office) 
T. +34 971 59 40 62 
We berthed stern to on the eastern most of the two floating islands (referred to as the twins), which has space for 8-10 boats maximum 15 metre.  We found some of the bow lines to be a little short and of dubious strength, but all problems were quickly fixed by the very helpful Marineras, water and electricity is provided.  It was definitely the best spot as it was very private and away from what can be a noisy waterfront. The girls in the office are very friendly and helpful with good knowledge of the surrounding area.

Marina Facilities
Water and electricity and a water taxi service are included, although there is a tender park opposite on the land. There is a boat yard (Pedro's Boat Centre) with all the facilities you could need, however on the brief encounters we had with them we found them to be less than helpful.

Berthing Charges
We paid €50 a night for a minimum of 5 nights, less days is more. This price then went down to €36. Water and electricity is included.

Fuel Dock
See map above.

Pedro's Boat Centre 
Moll de  Llevant 310, Menorca, Spain
They were not very helpful we recommend the chandlery in Fornells which is only a short car journey away.

Sail Repairs
Wind and Sail
Moll de Llevant 309 Mahon, Menorca, Spain
We had a new UV strip sewn onto our Genoa and it cost €150 and they had it done in two days. They did a really good job, they don't however offer a cleaning service.

Fishing / Tackel / Bait
Bazar el Pescador
C/ Moll de Llevant, 53, 07701 Mao (Menorca), Spain 
T. +34 971 36 39 28
Very well equipt shop and pretty resonable (compared to Mallorca).

Meat, Fruit and Veg Market
Placa de la Mirada - Mahon
Pretty good market, it also has nice shops in it. There is also a supermarket in the basement which offered home/boat delivery for €5. There are lots of hills and steps in Mahon so it is well worth it. 

Fish Market
Place de la Mirada - Mahon
Next door to the large market, there is an excellent varity of local fresh fish and seafood.

Supermercado Es Port
Moll de Llevant, 332, Puerto de Mahon
+34 971 36 89 56
Small but good little shop, open everyday, although closed between 2-5pm like most places. They also offer home delivery.

On the corner of Carrer de Francesc de Borja Moll and Avinguda de Francesc Femenias Mahon
Quite a small Eroski and no meat counter, but it is the best supermarket in the centre of Mahon, it is up a very long steep hill so be warned.

Under the Market at Placa de la Mirada
It is ok, but more expensive than the Eroski and the fruit and veg are not good, but there is the market above for that.

Moll de Llevant, 267 - 07701 Port de Mao, Menorca 
T. +34 971 36 99 09
Lovely restaurant with great local food, speciality spiney lobster stew which was excellent but €150 for 2 people

Restaurant Way
Moll de Llevant, 216, 07701, Mao, Spain 
T. +34 971 36 22 72
Nice Japanese restaurant with nice and good value sushi, the salmon sashimi was especially good. Their lunch menu is excellent value at €12 for 3 courses and a beer and very tasty.

Restaurant Jagaro
Moll de Llevant, 334, Mahon, Menorca 07701, España
T. 971 362 390
Excellent quality Mediterranean food, with a very varied menu. Seafood is their speciality, but their steaks were also really good and well cooked. It was very quiet though, but it was still very early on in the season. It was not cheap, about €60 a head but worth it.

Akelarre Jazz Dance Club
Carrer del Moll de Ponent, 07701 Maó, Spain 
+34 971 36 85 20
Real cool place with live music, although nothing really happens there until midnight - they have special rum there called Zacapa

Lattitude 40
Moll de Llevant
Nice bar with a good cocktail list, also specialising in gin and tonic.

Xoriguier Gin Factory
Right at the end of Moll de Llevant, still a family run distillery. You can see how they make the gin but it is all behind glass and there is no tour. The Gin is also the only nice drink they make, I wouldn't bother with the others.

Travel Facilities
Taxi Mahon - +34 971 35 77 00

Manuel - +34 669 40 34 75
Taxi driver who speaks ok English and is very friendly, we got him to give us a bit of a tour of the island for around €30 and he was happy to wait while we shopped!  

Hire Car - 
They were very reasonable €60 for 3 days for a largish car, you could also pay in cash and return empty.

Ferry terminal

International Airport 3 miles away

Historical and Cultural Information
Menorca Museum
Located in the old town next to the cathedral.  It was very interesting and free, so worth a visit.